Multi-talented artist, Sylvie Chadourne is passionate about Graphic Arts and she has spent years exploring different mediums. She began her quest in 1990 with carbon drawing, lead pencil and later on with dry pastels. In her oil paintings on canvas one can recognize her affinities with René Magritte for the surrealism, Carravaggio for the chiaroscuros, and Caspard David Friedrich for the more romantic scenes. Thanks to commissions, Sylvie also created a beautiful collection of digital artworks on the theme of "Music and Fashion", as well as a series of black and white portraits of great jazz musicians and singers, soon to be added to this website. The last works produced by the French artist are luminous watercolors, full of emotions and love of Nature.

  • Watercolors by Sylvie Chadourne

    Watercolor Paintings

  • Oil Paintings by Sylvie Chadourne

    Oil Paintings

  • Pastels and Drawings by Sylvie Chadourne

    Pastels and Drawings

  • Digital Art by Sylvie Chadourne

    Digital Art

  • Fine Art Photography by Sylvie Chadourne

    Fine Art Photography

  • Folk Rock Music by Sylvie Chadourne

    Folk Rock Music